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Homeland Security and Terrorism: Videos, Websites, Media

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Homeland Security Videos -- Subscription (Library) and Web-Based Resources

Homeland Security Laws and Regulations

Public laws are passed by Congress and signed into law by the President. Regulations are issued to carry out the intent of legislation enacted by Congress.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Laws and Regulations Page

Other Web-Based Resources

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Department of Homeland Security

U.S. Government Resources

  • Central Intelligence Agency
    The website of the C.I.A features a news section titled "CIA & The War on Terrorism" with links to news stories, official statements, and other relevant documents.
  • Department of Defense
    The Department of Defense website includes news, multimedia, and links to websites of affiliated organizations.
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
    The website of the DHS is a comprehensive guide to all homeland security matters with content such as news, general information, publications, and links to other organizations.
  • DHS Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report
    The DHS provides a daily report that collects open-source publications on infrastructure and related topics.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    The website of the FBI contains a lot of informaton on terrorism including the Most Wanted Terrorists list, information on investigations, and relevant news.
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
    The FEMA webpage contains information on disaster preparedness including natural, chemical, and biological threats as well as a section on terrorism.
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
    The FLETC website offers training, policy documents, reports, and other information on matters of law enforcement and national security.
  • Interpol
    The website of Interpol offers information on the fight against terrorism and their involvement. This also includes a terrorism fact sheet.
  • MI5: The Security Service
    This is the official website of the UK Security Service and provides information relating to threats, espionage and security measures.
  • National Counterterrorism Center
    This site offers resources with the vision of eliminating the terrorist threat through integrated Strategic Operational Planning and Counterterrorism Intelligence and features a Worldwide Incidents tracking System and a practical Counterterrorism Calendar.
  • National Criminal Justice Reference Center
    This Office of Justice Program, US Department of Justice site features articles, products, publications and criminal justice events relating to homeland security.
  • Ready America (DHS)
    This website, a project of DHS, aims to provide the American public with information to help individual preparation for all types of emergencies.
  • US Customs and Border Patrol
    This website offers information pertaining to border security, trade, and travel and treasury issues.
  • U.S. House of Representatives: Committee on Homeland Security
    The “Issues Area” of this site offers information relating to Transportation Security Border/Port Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Cyber Security, Emergency Preparedness, Emerging Threats, Intelligence/Information Sharing and Investigations.
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