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Southworth Library Faculty Services

A comprehensive guide to the library services and supports available to Faculty at SUNY Canton

Welcome Faculty!

Welcome SUNY Canton Faculty!

Southworth Library is committed to providing resources and support aimed at research development and enhancing teaching and learning. Below you will find resources that many faculty find helpful. If you do not see what you are looking for, please reach out to us. Please feel free to reach out to us about any of the services you see below that you are interested in. We look forward to collaborating with you and your students.

Faculty Publications

SUNY Canton faculty publications are housed on the upper floor of the Southworth Library. The publications are updated biannually (twice a year) and may not reflect the most current work of an individual faculty member. 


We support the research endeavors of the campus community. Resources include:

Librarians are available for research consultations by appointment for any member of the campus community as well as students.

Don’t hesitate, contact the Library reference desk and schedule an appointment today.

Southworth Library
       Phone: 315-386-7228
       Text: 315-254-2770

Customized Library Pages

Embedding library resources in your class can be a great way to promote student-use of library resources, course reserve materials, and research. Our librarians can work with you to develop a page that can be embedded in specific courses or for specific assignments featuring information such as:

  • Direct links to library resources such as the book catalog or any of the subscription databases
  • Direct links to online resources you want to direct your students to
  • Pages or boxes from any of the library pages, embedded directly into your page so your students know, "these are the resources my instructor wants me to use."  For example, we could put a tab on your page called "MLA Style" that will include videos on MLA Citation as well as printable guides.
  • Links that won't "go bad" -- because they link directly into the library's pages, if we update a link to a database, the link on your page will automatically update as well
  • Your customized page(s) can be embedded directly into many types of course sites, including Brightspace

Request for Library Acquisition

Content development in an ongoing priority at Southworth Library. We strive to develop content that is relevant to our campus, academic programs, and the expansion of information. We are further guided by American Library Association’s statement on intellectual freedomThe Library Bill of Rights, and provisions of the U.S. Copyright Law..

In general, the library prioritizes purchases that are accessible to the greatest number of patrons, i.e. digital books and journals rather than physical print. The library also prioritizes purchases that benefit the entire student body, or cohorts (such as a particular program or major). Finally, the library maintains resources year to year based on usage, with items that are accessed most being prioritized for renewal.

Considerations for submitting a request: Library acquisition requests should reflect goals and objectives of the institution and/or support the ISLOs of SUNY Canton. For 2024 the Southworth Library will welcome acquisition requests prior to February 2, 2024. This will allow adequate time for review and budget planning.