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Southworth Library Faculty Services

A comprehensive guide to the library services and supports available to Faculty at SUNY Canton!

Welcome Faculty!

Welcome SUNY Canton Faculty!

This page lists the variety of invaluable services that the librarians at Southworth Library can provide to you in your role as faculty at SUNY Canton.  Listed here are the services and supports that we can provide, and which you can request directly from this page.  Also, take a moment to check out this Faculty Services video describing our spaces, resources and services!

Faculty Research Consultation

We are happy to help you with library research for your teaching, research, and professional development needs. If you are currently working on or will be working on such an endeavor we can schedule a face-to-face meeting with you to determine where to obtain relevant materials. Because of the complexity of such requests, we have found that the face-to-face interview approach generates the best results for all parties. 

Don’t hesitate, contact the Library reference desk and schedule an appointment today.

Southworth Library
       Phone: 315-386-7228
       Text: 315-254-2770

Customized LibGuides for your Courses!

The page you're looking at right now was created using a software system called "LibGuides." It features flexible layout, easy updating, and reusable components. If you'd like a page with resources especially for your students, contact a librarian and we'll collaborate with you on both locating the best resources for your particular assignments and in designing a page that fits your students' needs.

Examples of some customized pages for SUNY Canton classes:

The Adirondacks: Life and Literature

The page we create for your class can feature:

  • Direct links to library resources such as the book catalog or any of the subscription databases
  • Direct links to other online resources you want to direct your students to
  • Pages or boxes from any of the library LibGuides pages, embedded directly into your page so your students know, "these are the resources my instructor wants me to use."  For example, we could put a tab on your page called "MLA Style" that will include videos on MLA Citation as well as printable guides.
  • Links that won't "go bad" -- because they link directly into the library's pages, if we update a link to a database, the link on your page will automatically update as well
  • Your LibGuides page can be embedded directly into many types of course sites, including ANGEL.

Contact your Library Liaison for more details, or to get started on your own LibGuide.