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Southworth Library Faculty Services

A comprehensive guide to the library services and supports available to Faculty at SUNY Canton

Information Literacy Instruction

Information Literacy/Library Instruction in Southworth Library or Your Classroom!

If you would like more hands-on, personal instruction in specific or general information literacy concepts for your class, please consider requesting an information literacy session with an instruction librarian.  Southworth Library has a dedicated instruction librarian who will provide targeted assistance to your class, either in our Instruction Classroom (SL122) equipped with SMARTBoard Technology, or in your own technology-enhanced classroom space.

For specific questions about policies or procedures relating to information literacy instruction, to schedule a library instruction session, or to offer feedback on the instructional activities and offerings, please contact the library.

Types of Information Literacy Sessions

The traditional form of Information Literacy Session is called a "one shot" where students are brought into the Library during a class meeting to go over library and research skills. The one shot can focus on the following topics:

  • Website and catalog 

  • Search Strategies 

  • Popular vs scholarly sources 

  • Specific database searching 

  • Evaluating web sources/CRAAP test 

  • Citation 

  • Plagiarism 

  • Interlibrary Loan 

  • Digital Literacy: Combination of many individual one-shots

  • Copyright Infringement

Information Literacy session can also take the form of multiple, long term sessions depending on what they assignment for your class is.

There is also a virtual tutorial that can take place of a traditional one shot which involves the use of videos and using the skills learned from the videos to help develop your students' information literacy skills. The tutorial can be linked in your Brightspace course. Please contact Joe Malek for more information.