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Academic Integrity and Citing Sources

SUNY Canton strives to create an environment where student, staff, and faculty hold themselves to high standards of academic integrity.  The policies regarding student academic integrity are outlined very clearly in SUNY Canton's Academic Integrity statement. Citing sources is an important step in maintaining academic integrity.  As the linked document states:

Citing sources is what allows one individual to use the words or ideas of another. If you quote a source, you must use quotation marks and you must cite it. If you paraphrase or summarize from a source, you must cite it... Citing sources serves many functions: it demonstrates that you have completed your research, it gives credit to the work completed by others, it provides additional information to others for their research and/or additional questions.

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Citing Sources for Your Project

Student, double check your syllabus to determine the style of citation that is required for your course. If you have any doubt about how you are supposed to cite sources, ask your professor. The following manuals contain the standards for citation in the three different styles that may be used in most research projects. 

The following citation generators can help you format your references. Please check your references against the above manuals for accuracy, and visit the Writing Center at Southworth Library Learning Commons for more help with citations.

The Writing Center at the Learning Commons

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The Writing Center is designed to meet the needs of SUNY Canton students. Whether a first year or a senior, a nursing major or a graphic design major, everyone's writing can benefit from the help of a responsible tutor. We offer assistance with academic reading, writing, and study skills across a variety of disciplines. Our mission is to help students improve their writing skills in an environment where they can write and seek feedback with ease. Please take a look at the information and links below to find out how we can best serve you.

Grammarly LogoGrammarly is a web-based grammar-checking tool designed to help students develop sentence-level writing skills, prevent plagiarism, and reinforce revision habits. This resource is offered to SUNY Canton students through the writing center.