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Physical Therapy

General resources and information for researching in the field of physical therapy.


Welcome to the subject guide for SUNY Canton's Physical Therapy courses. For a listing of Physical Therapy courses taught at SUNY Canton please visit the course descriptions. For a complete listing of physical therapy related resources located in Southworth Library, please access the Physical Therapy Resources file.

In this guide, you will find links to library e-books related to the subject of physical therapy, as well as related databases, apps and Web 2.0 tools, further online resources, and guidance on citing sources. Please use the tabs above to navigate through the following pages of this guide.

  • Books & E-Books - on this tab you will find links to electronic books that are available through Southworth Library Learning Commons. You will also be able to view a short tutorial on how to find and access an e-book through the library's search feature.
  • Databases - this tab will contain links to library-provided databases that will help with research for your research projects. Some databases contain material that can only be accessed by SUNY Canton students, faculty and staff. Therefore, you may need your SUNY Canton NetID and password in order to read these resources. Other databases are "open access," which means they are freely available on the web. To read a specific journal article, you may need to make an Interlibrary Loan request.
  • Apps & Online Resources - on this tab you will find the names and descriptions of apps, Web 2.0 tools, and traditional online resources that might be helpful for Physical Therapy students. An app is a computer program made specifically for mobile devices, and a Web 2.0 tool is a website that goes beyond the basics of providing information and instead allows users to interact with that information somehow.
  • Citing Sources - on this tab you will find resources and tutorials related to properly citing sources for your research projects. While this guide will cover the basics, we encourage you to visit the Writing Center with questions about citations or to have your citations checked before turning in your work.