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History: E - Books

E - Books at SLLC

We strive to provide electronic access to as many full-length texts as possible at the SLLC. Below are two lists of e-books available through the library. The list on the right shows some of the e-books available through the library's catalog, a search on Roogle will bring you to these. There are thousands of history e-books available through our catalog, so keep in mind that this is only a few.

The list on the left shows you some of the titles that are available to you through Overdrive. These may be more popular titles, or books that are new nonfiction for the masses. Although these books are nonfiction, they are not always academic in nature. You may be interested in reading these just for fun, or you may want to include information from them in some of your projects.

E - Books Via Roogle

Keep in mind that in order to access these books, you will need to sign in with your SUNY Canton Net ID and password.

E - Books Via Overdrive

The simplest way to access Overdrive through SLLC is to visit our website and click on the link to Overdrive. This will connect you to the Northern New York Library Network's electronic offerings, which you have access to through SUNY Canton.