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SUNY Canton Faculty Publications

Barry, Dana M. - Tutoring


Aoyama, N., Kanematsu, H., Barry, D., Miura, H., Ogawa, A., et al. (2023)(2023). AC Electromagnetic Field Controls the Biofilms on the Glass Surface by Escherichia coli & Staphylococcus epidermidis Inhibition Effect.

Barry, D., Kanematsu, H., & Tanaka, T. (2023). Creative teaching using hybrid e-learning and virtual reality. Procedia Computer Science, 225, 1151-1160.

Kanematsu, H., Barry, D., Ogawa, N., Yajima, K., Nakahira, K., et al (2023). Evaluation Methods and Differences between Three Dimensional And Two Dimensional Movies by Physiological Measurements Using A Commercial 6-Axis Sensor. Procedia Computer Science, 225, 4631-4639.

Kanematsu, H., & D.M. Barry (2020). Formation and Control of Biofilm in Various Environment. Singapore: Springer Nature.

Kanematsu, H., & D.M. Barry (2019). A sequence between microfouling and macrofouling in marine biofouling. Marine Ecology: Current and Future Developments, Vol. 2, edited by Toshiyuki Takahashi. Bentham Books, 67-79.

Kanematsu, H., & D.M. Barry (2019). Biofilm on materials’ surfaces in marine environments. Marine Ecology: Current and Future Developments, Vol. 2, edited by Toshiyuki Takahashi. Bentham Books, 177-187.

Kanematsu, H., D.M. Barry & S. Zimmerman (2019). Effects of alternating electromagnetic field on extracellular polymeric substances derived from biofilms and its mechanism. Contributed papers from Materials Science and Technology, September 29 – October 3. Material Science & Technology, 19.

Kanematsu, H., R. Itoh., D.M. Barry, Y. Sakagami, N. Wada, et al (2019). Interaction between biopolymers derived from biofilms and various metallic materials. Contributed papers from Material Science and Technology, September 29 – October 3. Materials Science & Technology, 19.

Kanematsu, H. R. Nakagawa, D.M. Barry, K. Sano, M. Ishihara, et al (2019) Interaction between graphene surfaces and extracelluar polymeric substances of biofilms. Contributed papers from Material Science and Technology, September 29 – October 3. Materials Science & Technology, 19.

Barry, D.M., H. Kanematsu, N. Ogawa, K. Nakahira, M. Banavar, et al. (2019). STEM activities for exploring Mars using innovative E-learning. Procedia Computer Science, 159, 1126-1134. Doi: 10.1016/j.procs.2019.09.281

Kanematsu, h., R. Nakagawa, K. Sano, D.M. Barry, et al (2019). Graphene-dispersed silane compound used as a coating to sense immunity from biofilm formation. Medical Devices and Sensors, 2(3-4). Doi:10.1002/mds3.10043

Kanematsu, H., A. Oizumi, T. Sato, T. L. Kamijo, S. Honma, D.M. Barry, et al (2018). Biofilm formation of a polymer brush coating with ionic liquids compared to a polymer brush coating with a non-ionic liquid. Coatings, 8(11). Doi: 10.3390/coatings8110398.


Binkewicz, Matthew - Business & Liberal Arts


Binkewicz, M. (2019). The Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity. Ed. Daniel Patte. (Contributor)

Binkewicz, M. (2005). Peaceful Journey: A Hospice Chaplain’s Guide to End of Life. Paramount Market Publishing, Inc.

Brown, Elizabeth - Science, Health & Criminal Justice


Erickson, E. (2013). Criminalistics Laboratory Manual: The Basic of Forensic Investigation. Anderson. Print.

Clark-Stone, Jesse - Engineering Technology



E. Sharpe, M. Butler, J. Clark-Stone, R. Soltanzadeh, R. Jindal, D. Hanes, & R. Bradley. (2023). A closer look at yoga nidra- early randomized sleep lab investigations. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 166.

G. Yao, K.M. Bliss, M. Crimi, K.R. Fowler, J. Clark-Stone, & W. Li. (2016). Radial basis function simulation of slow-release permanganate for groundwater remediation via oxidation. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 307, 235-247.


Currier, Michelle - Science, Health & Criminal Justice


Currier, M., & Magilligan, M. (2015). Unleashing the power of the iPad. Enhancing Teaching and Learning in the 21st -Century Academic Library: Successful Innovations That Make a Difference. Ed. Bradford Lee Eden. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 103-120.

DeLong, Jondavid S. - Business & Liberal Arts


DeLong, J.S. (2015). What constitutes “violent felony” for purpose of sentence enhancement under Armed Career Criminal Act (18 U.S.C.A. 924 €(1))

DeLong, J.S. (2015). Federal government’s liability for damages under 11 U.S.C.A. 362(h) for willful violation of automatic stay in bankruptcy.

DeLong, J.S. (2015). Enforceability of predispute agreements to arbitrate claims arising under Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) (29 U.S.C.A. 100 et seq.)

DeLong, J.S. (2015). Increase in base offense level under sentencing guidelines 3 B1.3 (U.S.C.A. 3B1.3) for abuse of position of public or private trust significantly facilitating commission or concealment of offense.

DeLong, J.S. (2015). Time for determining whether entity is “foreign state” for purpose of Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (28 U.S.C.A. 1330, 1332, 1391, 1441, 1602 et seq.)

DeLong, J.S. (2015). What constitutes three previous convictions for offenses committed on occasions different from on another for purpose of sentence enhancement under Armed Career Criminal Act (18 U.S.C.A. 924 et seq.)

DeLong, J.S. (2015). Civil Liability Under 18 U.S.C.A. 2511(1)(a) for Unauthorized Interception or Viewing of Satellite Television Broadcasts.

DeLong, J.S. (2015). Construction and application of juvenile drug trafficking act of 1986 (21 U.S.C.A. 845(a)), recodified at 21 U.S.C.A. 861(a), making it offense to employ or use persons under 18 years old in distribution scheme.

Ghayoumi, Medhi - Engineering Technology





Ghayoumi, M. (2023). Generative Adversarial Networks in Practice, CRC.

Ghayoumi, M. (2022). Deep Learning in Practice, CRC.

Ghayoumi, M. (2022). Option Trading: Lessons Using Pictures and Examples.

Ghayoumi, M. (2021). Covolutional ZNeural Network for Image Analysis.

Book Chapter:

Ghayoumi, M., & Shayganfar, M. (2007). Correlation Error Reduction of Images in Stereo Vision with Fuzzy Method and Its Applications on Cartesian Robot. In Goro Obinata & Ashish Dutta (Eds.), Vision Systems: Applications, ISBN: 978-3-902613-01-1.

Journal Articles

Bansal, A.K., & Ghayoumi, M. (2021). Symmetry Based Hybrid Model to Improve Facial Expressions Prediction in the Wild During Conversational Head Movements. Advances in Life Science, 13, 1 & 2.

Ghayoumi, M. (2017). A Quick Review of Deep Learning in Facial Expression. Journal of Communication and Computer.

Ghayoumi, M., Bansal, A.K. (2017).Emotion Analysis Using Facial Key Points and Dihedral Group. International Journal of Advanced Studies in Computer Science and Engineering (LJASCSE).

Ghayoumi, M., et al. (2016). Towards Formal Multimodal Analysis of Emotions for Affective Computing

Ghazinour, K., & Ghayoumi, M. (2015). Dynamic Modeling for Representing Access Control Policies Affect. International Journal of Advanced Studies in Computer Science and Engineering, 1-6.

Ghayoumi, M., Mobasseri, M., & Setaveshi (2006). Color Images Sementation Using a Self-Organizing Network with Adaptive Learning Rate. International Journal of Information Technology, Poland, 72-80. 


Ghayoumi, M. (2017). Facial Expression Analysis Using Deep Learning with Partial Integration to Other Modalities to Detect Emotion. Kent State University.

Conference papers:

Bansal, A.K., & Ghayoumi, M. (2021). A Hybrid Model to Improve Occluded Facial Expressions Prediction in the Wild During Coversational Head Movements. Intelli. (Best paper award)

Ghayoumi, M., et al. (2018). Fuzzy Knowledge-Based Architecture for Learning and Interactions in Social Robots, Ai-HRI.

Ghayoumi, M., et al. (2018). Local Sensitive Hashing (LSH) and CNN for Object Recognitions. ICMLA.

Ghayoumi, M. (2018). Cognitive-Based Architecture for Emotion in Social Robots. HRI.

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Ghayoumi, M., et al. (2016). Architecture of Emotion in Robots Using Covolutional Neural Networks. Robotics: Science and System (RSS), USA.

Ghayoumi, M., et al. (2016). Towards Formal Multimodal Analysis of Emotions for Affective Computing. The 22nd International Conference on Disturbed Multimedia Systems (DMS), 48-54.

Ghayoumi, M., et al. (2016). Emotion in Robots Using Convolutional Neural Networks. The Eighth International Conference on Social Robots (ICSR), 285-295.

Ghayoumi, M., et al. (2016). Mutimodal Convolutional Neural Networks Model for Emotion in Robots. FTC, USA.

Zee, T., Ghayoumi, M. (2016). Comparative Graph Model for Facial Recognition. The 2016 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCT16). Dec. 15-17.

Ghayoumi, M., et al. (2015). Unifying Geometric Features and Facial Action Units for Improved Performance of Facial Expression Analysis. New Developments in Circuits, Systems, Signal Processing, Communications and Computers (CSSCC), 259-266.

Ghazinour, M., & Ghayoumi, M. (2015). A Dynamic Trust Model Enforcing Security Policies. The International Conference on Intelligence Information Professing, Security and Advanced Communication (IPAC), Algeria.

Ghazinour, M., & Ghayoumi, M. (2015). An Autonomous Model to Enforce Security Policies Based on User's Behavior. The 14th International Conference on Computer and Information Science (ICIS), USA.

Ghayoumi, M., & Ghazinour, M. (2015). An Adaptive Fuzzy Multimodal System for Indentification and Verification. The 14th International Conference on Computer and Information Science (ICIS), USA.

Ghayoumi, M. (2015). A Review of Multimodal Biometric Systems Fusion Methods and Its Applications. The 14th International Conference on Computer and Information Science (ICIS), USA.

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Ghazinour Naini, Kambiz - Criminal Justice - Cybersecurity


McHatton, Jeremy & Ghazinour (2023). Mitigating social media privacy concerns-A comprehensive study. Proceedings of the 9th ACM International Workshop on Security and Privacy Analytics, 27-32.

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Hamilton-Honey, Emily - Business & Liberal Arts



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Anthology Chapters and Journal Articles

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Haji Ghasemali, Saeid - Engineering Technology - Environmental Civil and Construction


Haji Ghasemali S., & Mirmirani, S. (2023). Flexural behaviour of the precast concrete panel facing reinforced with GFRP bars compared to the steel rebars. Canadian Society for Civil Engineer (CSCE).

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James, Phillip C. - Business & Liberal Arts


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Jones, Kirk - Business & Liberal Arts

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Jones, William T. - Business & Liberal Arts


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LaMarche, Philip K. - Business & Liberal Arts


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