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JUST 201-Critical Issues in Criminal Justice

Crime and Justice in America

Week # 1

Telling the Truth about Damned Lies & Statistics.

The Danger of Mixing Up Causality & Correlation

We Use Big Data to Sentence Criminals, But Can Algorithms Really Tell Us What We Need to Know?

Beware Online “Filter Bubbles”


Week # 2

Social Media: Legal Challenges and Pitfalls for Law Enforcement Agencies

The Police Can Shoot Your Dog for No Reason. It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way

Training Officers to Shoot First and He Will Answer Questions Later

FBI Deemed Agents Faultless in 150 Shootings

Lamar Johnson Convicted of Murder Based on Fake Testimony

Prosecutors Sometimes Behave Badly. Now They May be Held to Account


Week # 3

Juveniles Facing Lifelong Terms Despite Rulings


How a home for troubled children came undone and what it means for California’s chance at reform.

Not a Lock: Youth Who Stay Closer to Home Do Better than Those in Detention, Texas Study Shows

Remembering Tracy’s Story During National Youth Justice Awareness Month

U.S. Inquiry Finds a ‘Culture of Violence’ Against Teenage Inmates at Rikers Island

The Story Behind the Fire That Killed Forty Teen-Age Girls in a Guatemalan Children’s Home


Week # 4

Record number of U.S. exonerations driven by Texas drug cases

War On Drugs Failure Gives Way To Treatment In States, Cities

Portugal Cut Addiction Rates in Half by Connecting Drug Users With Communities Instead of Jailing Them

The Deep Evolutionary Roots of 'Addiction'


Week # 5

He was abused by a female teacher, but he was treated like the perpetrator

Male Victims Of Campus Sexual Assault Speak Out ‘We’re Up Against A System That’s Not Designed To Help Us’

Human Sex Trafficking

DOJ Tells Prisons to Put Safety First in Housing Transgender Inmates

Is Sex by Deception a Form of Rape?

The Violence Against Women Act is unlikely to reduce intimate partner violence – here’s why

A former prosecutor reimagines how the criminal justice system can serve victims of domestic violence

This Is How A Domestic Violence Victim Falls Through The Cracks


Week # 6

The Supreme Court Debates Juror Bias

RACE: Commentary on the Anniversary of McCleskey v. Kemp

White nationalist groups are really street gangs, and law enforcement needs to treat them that way

How Indigenous women have become targets in a domestic violence system intended to protect them

One step toward making criminal justice less biased


Week # 7

American Justice – The Sam Sheppard Story

Sheppard v. Maxwell

As Durst Murder Case Goes Forward, HBO’s Film Will Also Be on Trial

Dead Certainty: How “Making a Murderer” goes wrong.

Watching a Trial on TV, Discussing It on Twitter


Week # 9

The Radical Humaneness of Norway’s Halden Prison

How lessons in Scandinavian design could help prisons with rehabilitation

The U.S. Is Locking People Up For Being Poor

Florida’s Amendment 4: Restoring voting rights to people with felonies might also reduce crime

Florida legislators agree to limit felons' voting rights. Critics call it a new poll tax.

I went from prison to professor – here’s why criminal records should not be used to keep people out of college


Week # 10

How corruption in forensic science is harming the criminal justice system

Forensic evidence largely not supported by sound science – now what?

Can a Jury Believe What It Sees?

FBI admits flaws in hair analysis over decades

How Does My Retained Expert Witness Improve Credibility?

Why Science Tells Us Not to Rely on Eyewitness Accounts

She Was Fired After Raising Questions About a DNA Test. Now She’s Getting $1 Million.


Most White Americans’ DNA Can Be Identified Through Genealogy Databases



Week # 11

AI profiling: the social and moral hazards of ‘predictive’ policing

Eric Holder Warns About America's Disturbing Attempts at Precrime

Against his better judgment

Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality?


Week # 12

Immigration and crime: What does the research say?

Latinx immigrant crime victims fear seeking help

Fewer Undocumented Immigrant Crime Victims Are Stepping Forward

Week # 13

Crime Is Down, Yet U.S. Incarceration Rates Are Still Among the Highest in the World

Group calls on R.I. to ban private prisons as protests over Wyatt emerge

Here's Why Abolishing Private Prisons Isn't a Silver Bullet

‘The Worst Of The Worst’ Aren’t The Only Ones Who Get Executed (INFOGRAPHIC)

Death by Fire

Does an Innocent Man Have the Right to Be Exonerated?


Week # 14

The Price of a Stolen Childhood

Victim advocacy group using technology to increase legal assistance in rural SC counties

New Manhattan Special Victims facility aims to provide greater care for crime victims

Testing of backlogged rape evidence leads to hundreds of convictions

Stanford Victim Letter Impact Statement From Brock Turner's Victim


Week # 15

The Archipelago of Pain

For Mentally Ill Inmates at Rikers Island, a Cycle of Jail and Hospitals

America's Largest Mental Hospital Is a Jail

Locking up kids damages their mental health and sets them up for more disadvantage. Is this what we want?

Britain’s criminal justice system doesn’t know what to do about autism

The painful price of aging in prison

Guantánamo Is Becoming a Nursing Home for Its Aging Terror Suspects