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iPads at SLLC

This page contains the Policies and Procedures for utilizing the iPad Mobile Classroom. Take a look, and request Digital Literacy instruction in your classroom using the iPads!

How to Use the iPad

Basic instructions for how to use an iPad borrowed from SLLC:

  1. Open the cover that is protecting the iPad screen and push the Home Button on the bottom, front of the iPad.
  2. If the iPad lights up, Swipe to Unlock the iPad. If the iPad does not respond, push and hold the Power Button on the top edge of the iPad on the right hand side. Hold the button until you see the Apple logo and allow the iPad to fully turn on.
  3. Once you see the Home Screen (the screen with all the little square icons, which are Apps) explore the Apps by tapping on the ones that interest you.
  4. You can always return to the Home Screen by pushing the Home Button on the front and bottom of the screen.