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BIOL 335: Pathophysiology

Course guide for BIOL 335: Pathophysiology

Website Evaluation

If you are using a general internet search for your sources, it is important to evaluate the websites that you find and make sure they are reliable enough for your discussion board post. In order to evaluate a website properly, follow the CRAAP Test below.


How do I....?

Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be a helpful website when searching for peer-reviewed articles. The issues with Google Scholar include many articles being behind a paywall, unorganized and irrelevant results, and articles not being scholarly in nature. There is a way to help focus a search; adding SUNY Canton as a "Library Access Link". It will also widen the results you have access to.

In order to add SUNY Canton to your Google Scholar profile, use the following steps:

  • In the "Settings" link of Google Scholar, click on "Library Link".
  • In the search bar enter "SUNY Canton" 
  • Click on the box next to "SUNY Canton Library" and click save

After the library link is set up, when you click on "Get Full Text" next to an article on the results page, it will bring you to the SUNY Canton library website so you can access the article.