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iPads at SLLC: iPad Mobile Classroom

This page contains the Policies and Procedures for utilizing the iPad Mobile Classroom. Take a look, and request Digital Literacy instruction in your classroom using the iPads!

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iPad Classroom Instruction - Policies and Procedures

iPad Mobile Classroom Program


The iPad mobile classroom instruction program is meant to pair a faculty librarian (the digital content expert) with a teaching faculty member in a collaborative instructional environment wherein the librarian will co-teach a lesson, unit of instruction, or project-based instructional series utilizing the library's classroom collection of iPads.  Please note that when requesting the iPad mobile classroom, you are also requesting a co-teaching collaboration with a Southworth Library Learning Commons instructional librarian.  The librarian will come to your classroom (or you can choose to have your class session(s) taught in the library) and will provide customized instruction on use of the iPad, educational apps (or a specific app), content creation, or whatever works best for you.  The following policies apply:

  • The iPad mobile classroom cart will not be loaned without a librarian accompanying the cart and taking part in the lesson or instructional activity;
  • The iPad mobile classroom cart will not be loaned for periods longer than a single classroom session.  While you may request multiple instructional sessions involving the iPad cart, the cart must be made available for other reserved instructional activities and will therefore come and go at the beginning and end of each instructional session;
  • In order to allow the instructional librarian time to prepare lessons, ready the iPads with the appropriate learning materials, and coordinate schedules and activities, it is essential that requests for the iPad mobile classroom sessions be made at least 7 days in advance;
  • Teaching faculty members must be present during the iPad instructional session(s) with the librarian;
  • Students and/or faculty utilizing the classroom iPads may not download content utilizing their own or others' Apple IDs;
  • Students and/or faculty utilizing the classroom iPads may not erase or delete content from the devices;
  • Students participating in the session will be required to participate in a session assessment.


Please follow the procedures outlined below to request an instructional session with a faculty librarian utilizing the iPad Mobile Classroom:

  • Fill out the iPad Mobile Classroom Instruction Request form below at least 7 days in advance of the date(s) you're requesting instruction;
  • Please provide as much information as possible on the form;
  • Arrange to communicate with Hannah Ralston ( or x7056), the Learning Services Librarian, who will be performing your co-teaching collaborative session.  She may need a consultation with you in order to facilitate the best instructional sessions for your specific needs;
  • Fill out the Request for iPad App Purchase form to the right if you believe the library may need to purchase a specific educational app for your instructional session;
  • Once the instructional session is underway, please allow time during the session for the Librarian to administer a brief post-instruction assessment activity with your students.
  • If you need to cancel your instructional session, please provide notice of your intention to do so.

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