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Library Learning Commons Student Advisory Board

Notes from the 2013-14 Academic Year meetings of the LLC Student Advisory Board.

November 21, 2014

Library Learning Commons Student Advisory Committee Meeting


Present:  Pierre Nzuah, Johanna Lee, Abby Williams, Jody Reece, Michelle Currier, Theresa Corbine

Absent:  Sean Barkley

As of the last meeting in September:  Michelle had  asked for two things prior to wrapping up: 1) that if any LLC Student Advisory Board members have any recommendations for additional student members to join, to please pass on a name and email address to Michelle and she will personally reach out to the student to see if they’re interested in participating; and 2) to please gather feedback from other students prior to the next Advisory Board meeting that you can share with the group next time.

Welcome Jody Reece, our newest member of the LLC student advisory board. He’s formerly an SGA member, and is presently finishing his pre-reqs for the PTA program.  He is both a non-trad and a commuter.

Additional students for the board:  Jody Reece suggested that Melissa Cummins might be a useful student on the board.  Theresa indicated she’s also on the inauguration committee, so her schedule may be challenging.  Abby suggested Rachel Thornhill, as another commuter student rep.  Johanna suggested we get a student athlete to serve on the advisory board.  Abby indicated that Rachel plays on the softball team, so she could work in that capacity as well. 

Issues/Concerns/Praise for the LLC:  Abby has heard nothing but good things about the Accounting Lab now being open all week.  Abby said that Robin has indicated that she needs another tutor for the lab.  Johanna said that there has been an ad for another tutor, but no responses to the ad yet.  Robin does have a list of three students provided by Professor Kelson who may be able to work in the lab.  Johanna indicated that the Accounting Lab is the only lab that has only one professional in it.

Pierre noted that he has heard a lot of students appreciate the hours in the evening lab, but would like different subjects represented in the evening with different tutors.  Johanna said that what she’s piloting for next semester is that she will have a single professional tutor working in the evenings, plus students hired to supplement, so many additional subjects will be covered. 

Jody has heard good things about the new computers, but students have indicated that they need more computers.  Theresa said we have MANY computers in the building; she is wondering what specifically students are asking for.  Theresa suggested that if Jody hears additional suggestions from students, that he direct students to the Help Desk (to her) so that she can help.  Theresa also indicated that if we increase computing resources, space might be an issue so increased devices might be laptops rather than desktops. 

Abby asked when the sound panels will be put up.  Michelle indicated (yay!) that Thanksgiving break week will be installation.

Jody noted that he likes the Quiet Corner, and that it’s much quieter this semester. 

Jody asked if they would ever add on to the library, maybe expand the building?  Michelle said that there have been many conversations about this, and that we recognize how oversubscribed the space is.  Although we’re not aware of any plans to add on to the space at this time, we still remain hopeful. 

Pierre was wondering if at the beginning of every semester, we could get all the tutors together and remind them of their responsibilities.  He feels like when people really get comfortable, they forget what they’re supposed to do. Johanna thinks that’s a great idea.  She said there are two things in the works to address that:  1) implementing a performance evaluation tool for the tutors; and 2) developing an accredited training program for the tutors.  Part of that program requires a beginning-of-the-year meeting for all tutors to maintain their training status.  This will ensure that all tutors get the same kind of feedback, consistent across all labs.

Abby said the commuters are really happy with the microwave! 

Michelle asked:  Do you have any suggestions on how we can get students to read our newsletter more? Abby thinks maybe we could make a paper copy and place that in the tutoring labs, and maybe on the front desk as well.  Pierre indicated that in the residence halls there are places to post things on the wall, and things posted there really get read.  Abby indicated that in Wicks there’s a bulletin board, and Jody indicated the bulletin board in the commuter lounge would be helpful too.  Theresa indicated she would post one on her bulletin board too.  Pierre suggested putting them in the bathrooms also.  Pierre also thought there could be newsletters in table tents in the building. 

Abby asked about the random room/space in the women’s bathroom.  Michelle said that she had pursued that before, but that nothing could be done because of constructions concerns with the wall.  Theresa wondered what students thought about the size of the bathrooms, waiting times, etc.  Michelle indicated that another issue to add to that is that there are bathrooms on only one floor of a three-floor building.  Abby indicated that she personally knows that people leave the building and walk all the way to Serendipty or to Payson to use the bathroom, because of the wait time in using our bathrooms. 

Abby indicated that she knows that many students are now aware of the study rooms being prioritized for groups rather than individuals, and that individuals in the spaces may be asked to relocate in favor of groups.  Michelle clarified that we do not “force” people to leave the group rooms when they are occupied individually, but we do request that individuals relocate when necessary; and by and large, students are overwhelmingly cooperative and recognize that it is our building policy to prioritize the rooms as group rooms.  Michelle indicated that library staff get asked fairly regularly to facilitate that process of requesting that individuals relocate.  Jody and Abby both indicated that they’ve personally been approached by student groups about leaving the group rooms when they were in there alone.  Michelle was unaware that students did that themselves!  Johanna asked if we define the number of people that constitute a “group” for the rooms.  Michelle asked how students would respond if we defined a “group” as three people or more, rather than two people as it is presently defined.  Pierre said he thought that would be a great idea.  Abby thought it would be fine, that there are lots of places for groups of two in other places in the building. 

Abby asked if most students know they can use the Fishbowl for study if it’s not reserved.  Michelle indicated that there is signage on the door that indicates use of the space can be requested at the Circulation Desk; and that generally students are aware that the space can be used, and they do ask.  This is especially true at night when there are very few scheduled meetings/conferences that take place in the space. 

Michelle asked Johanna/Theresa if they had anything to add.  Johanna asked if students had any feedback about the Engineering Tutoring Lab, because it is a part of the LLC services, but it’s not right here in the building.  Pierre said space there needs to be increased.  Advisory board students will attempt to seek feedback on this lab for the future.

Abby asked if SL122 is usable by students for computing.  Michelle indicated that yes, it’s an open lab when it’s not in use as a library instruction classroom. 

Johanna asked students to please encourage everyone to take the tutoring student satisfaction survey. 

Theresa asked if anyone, or if anyone knows of anyone who, has taken advantage of the LCD TV that was relocated into one of the group study rooms?  At this time, no, no one was aware of any use.  Michelle indicated she was aware of some use.  Abby asked if a sign could be placed in there to indicate how to connect/get cords?  Michelle indicated there already are signs.  Theresa indicated she hopes to put additional LCD TVs in other rooms over Christmas break. 

Theresa also wanted to reiterate that she would like Jody (and others) to direct students to the Help Desk so computing resources can be explained. 

Pierre also indicated the scanners in the lab are awesome!

Theresa asked about tabletop space in the labs, because of the addition of the scanners.  Pierre said no one is complaining at all about table space. 

Michelle thanked everyone for their participation, and stressed how valuable and important the LLC Student Advisory feedback proves to be every time.  We truly appreciate it!  We will meet again in spring 2015. 

Thanks to everyone!

Meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.

Director of Library Services

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