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Library Learning Commons Student Advisory Board

Notes from the 2013-14 Academic Year meetings of the LLC Student Advisory Board.

November 13, 2015 Notes

Library Learning Commons Student Advisory Board


Present: Michelle Currier, Rachel Reed, Atri Espiritusanto, Colleen Barkley, Theresa Corbine, Johanna Lee

Absent: Nolan Reid and Abby


Michelle initiated the meeting by asking everyone to introduce themselves.

  • Colleen Barkley: Business major and a commuter student.
  • Atri Espiritusanto: Health Care Management major and an RA.
  • Rachel Reed: Alternative & Renewable Energy and Mechanical Engineering double major with a double minor in Math and Physics. Also a commuter and non-traditional student.

Michelle introduced the purpose and intent of the LLC student advisory board. She asked each person to comment on their experiences in the building and with services.


Rachel said that she has asked other students and specifically students that she encounters in the building and has received feedback. In general, she felt that students have a positive perception of the library;

  • Commuters love that the library is open early. It is beneficial for them to have a place to come and study and get work done or prepare for their first class.
  • In general, the services in the library seem to keep improving and students notice it and like it.
  • The extended hours of the Cyber Café are much appreciated and students love the $5 deals. Students like being able to get something small so that they can stay and study. They have mentioned that once they leave and go to Chaney they are most likely to not return to the library to finish their work.
  • Small things that the library offers, like phone chargers and ear plugs are great. Rachel pointed out that the phone chargers actually allow students to stay in the library longer. She pointed out that most students will go to their car or room to charge a dead battery but if they can do it in the library then they will stay and complete their work instead of leaving.
  • The re-arrangement of the Math/Science Center has been well received. Students like the table placement for ease of group studying. Admissions tour guides like it because when they bring groups through the resources are easy to see and eye catching.

Rachel also said that she has talked to students who have the majority of their classes in Nevaldine. She said that many of these students tend not to leave this building and she was curious what they think of the library. The perception from these students is that the building is noisy and crowded. Rachel noted that students who had other places to go and study, like home or their room, tended to like the library less. Those students who did not have an alternate place to go were more positive about the library. Rachel mentioned that she has been promoting weekend hours particularly since there is less traffic then. Also, she has reminded/informed students that the computers in the library have almost all of the same programs as the computers in Nevaldine that students need to get their work done.


Atri had a number of observations from working at night in the library. In addition, she is an RA and so has an outside perspective of students living in the dorms. Her feedback included:

  • The tutoring is great, the Business lab is helpful but really busy and hard to get help.
  • It is great that if the library does not have a book they can get it through inter library loan.
  • The printers sometimes malfunction at night when the Help Desk in closed. She said night staff generally encourage students to go to a different computer if they cannot get a specific printer to work. Theresa explained that the Help Desk does not have the staffing to have people work at night. She mentioned that the LCD display indicates where the jam is so that the student can try to resolve it that way.
  • There are people at night who use their phones upstairs and get loud. Atri said that they tend to ignore the signage and argue with staff if they are told to take the call to the lobby.
  • Some of the study rooms have walls that do not go all the way up and these rooms allow noise to escape.
  • Students complain about having to pay to make copies at the copier. Atri said that people do not like the scanners because they are old and some are broken. Theresa said that she was not aware of the issue and Atri said people don’t always say anything, they just leave if they have an issue. Theresa said she would look at the possibility of replacing the scanners. Rachel suggested that Atri email Theresa if there were issues like this at night so she would be aware. Theresa said she could direct those emails to


Colleen reported on a few of her experiences;

  • The Accounting Lab is really helpful but it gets busy really, really early. Sometimes Robin is not available and so students cannot get the help that they need because Robin is the only one who does upper level (300 and 400 level) courses. Johanna noted that it is important for students to come and tell her and/or put their thoughts in a survey when this happens. She noted that hours and services in the lab have been increased in large part due to feedback from students who stated they wanted more hours and coverage. Johanna also noted that most tutoring is directed at 100 and 200 level courses. She also noted that there are many tutors and hours of availability and if students come to her she may be able to direct them to another tutor and/or time where they can get help.
  • Sometimes the printers jam. When they jam, she is unsure of what to do and so she just leaves and believes others students do the same. Theresa told her that students should come to the Help Desk to report issues such as these. Theresa is going to ensure that there is proper signage indicating such near the printers.

Other discussion:

Michelle noted a theme from all of the reports was that students are tending to leave rather than ask for help if they cannot find something, work something, etc. She added that both the Library and Tutoring have Facebook pages where we try to promote things and inform students. She asked if there were ways in which we can connect with students when they are having trouble rather than having them leave. Rachel asked if we have a suggestion box. Michelle confirmed that both the Library and Tutoring have one. Theresa stated that this was a possibility for her area as well. Rachel suggested signage. In an attempt to get students to notice the signs, Rachel suggested making them funny, catchy, and like memes. There was additional discussion that signs that contain imagery that is similar to that which is popular on social media catch attention because it is familiar to students and they recognize it as something directed at them.

A general discussion was held surrounding how to get information about what the services in the building offer and do out to students. Atri suggested building a bridge to Residence Life. She said that educating students, especially freshmen, would be beneficial. She suggested having someone from the library come and do an activity, like Jeopardy or a sort of trivia about the services. She mentioned that offering prizes and doing activities that get the students engaged, like competitions, would draw interest. She also suggested offering prizes and noted that Tide Detergent is a prime prize. Other ideas she mentioned involved scavenger hunts.

Rachel suggested using the Commuter Lounge as a way to reach commuter students. Both Rachel and Colleen use this lounge. Colleen mentioned that the keyboards are really dirty and she does not use them for this reason. Theresa said that issue would be taken care of over the break. Johanna wondered if the lounge would be a good place to leave copies of the LLC newsletter and Michelle agreed. Michelle noted that the newsletter, meant to inform faculty, staff, and students is now included in the Daily Update. As a result, readership is down and we are looking for methods of improving that. Michelle said that they are able to send it to the student listserv but was not sure if students were looking at it. Rachel suggested doing a “word of the month” in the newsletter and offering a prize to people who were able to collect all of the words by the end of the semester. Atri stated that from what she is aware, many students do not check their email. Johanna asked what kinds of things students do look at because Facebook seems to be dropping in popularity with younger students. Atri said students look at Instagram, Yik Yak, and Snap Chat. She stated when you see students scrolling on their phones, they are looking at Yik Yak. She said people start on that as soon as they get up and check it all day long. Michelle asked if it was possible to put a link in a post on Yik Yak and Atri confirmed that you can.  Atri suggested making the post from a student, or to sound like a student rather than “professional” or “formal” in order to catch the attention of students. Something like: “hey just took this survey and you won’t believe what I won for doing it!”.

Atri wanted to know what happened to patron of the month. She said they do something similar in the residence halls and people love competing to get it. Michelle said it is not gone but we have not done it in a while but that we could bring it back. Atri said making it fun would get attention from people and make them want to compete to get it.

Atri also indicated that she loved the virtual reality tour that the library had.

Atri asked where the water fountain went. Michelle told the group what had taken place with the water filling station having to be moved due to it impeding fire escape routes. Atri said students want water in the building. She said that students cannot afford to buy water from the vending machine. The Cyber Café is now charging $1.75 for a cup of water. Therefore, students are now drinking from the sinks.

Michelle asked the group their opinion on how often to meet. She indicated that the group used to meet monthly and asked if that was their preference or if they wanted to meet once per semester or something else.

Atri and Colleen agreed that meeting twice a semester would be good. The first time would be to set or talk about goals and the second time would be to follow up.

Rachel had left for class at this point in the meeting.

Johanna suggested that each member bring an interested friend so that new ideas and feedback could continue as well as follow up on past ideas.

Michelle proposed meeting in February and again at the end of the semester for the spring and everyone agreed.