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Library Learning Commons Student Advisory Board

Notes from the 2013-14 Academic Year meetings of the LLC Student Advisory Board.

September 26, 2014

Library Learning Commons Student Advisory Committee Meeting


Present: Sean Barkley, Pierre Nzuah, Johanna Lee, Michelle Currier, Theresa Corbine

Absent: Abby Williams, Jody Reece

The meeting was called to order by Michelle at 2:02 p.m. 

The first item of discussion concerns our future meeting times: The group determined that 1:00 on Fridays (instead of 2:00) is the new agreed-upon meeting time, to accommodate Abby as well as everyone else’s schedule – and we’ll still meet once a month, probably around the third week of each month.

Michelle asked the Advisory Board students to share any information or feedback they might have gathered regarding the LLC during the first few weeks of the semester. 

Sean and Pierre haven’t heard anything.  Pierre, however, wanted the group to know he is impressed with the new computers, the math lab scanners, and the table upstairs with the stapling, tape and hole-punching supplies.  He made a point of indicating that these are specific things that had been previously requested by the students via the LLC Advisory Board. 

Johanna asked the students if they had heard or had any feedback regarding the expansion of the Business/Accounting Lab hours.  Sean heard that people were very glad that Business/Accounting had extended hours. 

Theresa asked Johanna if logins were up in the labs.  Johanna indicated they are way up.  Logins just for August are up 150 compared to last year, and increased by approximately 50-70 additional students as well. 

Johanna made a comment that the labs seem much busier than last year.  And notably, in general, the whole building is very busy on Fridays.

Sean wondered if there was a people counter on or between the front doors.  Michelle discussed the people counter that we do have on the front doors, how it works, and how often the data is collected and reported.  She explained that the door counter numbers are gathered and reset each month, but specific data is not gathered on a daily basis.  However, the library staff also do hourly manual counts of users in the building, every hour of the day, every open day of business, every day of the academic term(s).  Michelle shared the total number of patrons from 2013-14 academic year based on door count:  194,715. 

Michelle indicated that this was a very interesting conversation, and was happy that students were asking such great questions!  She shared information she read in an article about a different library student advisory board ALSO asking about student numbers in the building.  That group also asked about using swipe cards to gain access to the building to gather statistics about student use of the building.  Michelle asked for discussion and feedback on that idea.  Although Pierre thought that use of a card reader to gain access to the building would deter students from using the building, Sean thought it might not necessarily, and that it wouldn’t be that different from many other places that require that.  Also, it might be very useful in terms of building security.

Sean suggested we put out a poll to students on our Facebook page asking about how they would feel about having to swipe to access the building.

Sean asked a question regarding the research databases.  He was doing research and he noticed that on the database list there is no link to a New York Times electronic subscription.  Michelle explained that we do have full-text access to electronic versions of the New York Times available in various newspaper databases.  Michelle showed Sean which databases to use, and that full-text access is available all the way up through the most current day (today), and how to use and sift through NYTimes articles this way. 

Michelle indicated that Dr. Mott was wondering if advisory board members would want to be involved in the Open House service fairs to discuss with potential students how they use services and resources in the LLC.  Michelle asked that they just think about participation for now, whether in the form of attending a service fair or participating in an LLC video that might be shown to students.  Pierre thinks it’s a great idea! 

Sean said that he wanted to share that he is impressed and amazed that Dr. Szafran has such a connection with students, using social media and reaching out.  He is very happy and thinks it’s very nice that he’s letting people know what he’s doing in the campus community.

Sean asked if the print management system had been implemented.  Theresa indicated it was implemented, but is only being used to monitor, not to limit printing presently.

Theresa asked whether or not students find that there are enough PCs in the building, or if students ever find that they cannot find/access a computer?  Sean and Pierre both indicated that they feel there’s always one available.

Pierre asked about his (:L) drive.  Theresa indicated that the systems people were working on it.  Pierre indicated his (:L) drive just came back this week.

Michelle asked for two things prior to wrapping up: 1) that if any LLC Student Advisory Board members have any recommendations for additional student members to join, to please pass on a name and email address to Michelle and she will personally reach out to the student to see if they’re interested in participating; and 2) to please gather feedback from other students prior to the next Advisory Board meeting that you can share with the group next time.

Thanks to everyone!

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.