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Library Learning Commons Student Advisory Board

Notes from the 2013-14 Academic Year meetings of the LLC Student Advisory Board.


Library Learning Commons Student Advisory Committee


Present: Sean Barkley, Chris Murray, Pierre Nzuah, Abbey Williams, Johanna Lee, Michelle Currier, Theresa Corbine

Refreshments were provided by Dr. Mott.

 The meeting was called to order by Michelle at 2:02 p.m.  The single agenda item for this final meeting of the semester is to discuss the outstanding items of student feedback that we didn’t get to during the last meeting, and offer any updates to those concerns. 

7.       (Tutoring) The size of the Business/Accounting Lab is too small and there are not enough hours.  Abbey said a number of students noted that Robin is “amazing” and they want more of her time.

Update:  Hours have been expanded for the rest of ths semester by having Robin 9-5 instead of 10-4 and by being open for a full day on Friday as well.  There is no update on space, but having extended hours does relieve the space congestion issue to some extent.  We do have much more traffic than we did in the past.  But Johanna has requested additional hours for Business/Accounting for next semester, and encourages folks to pass along names of potential student tutors for that lab as well to supplement what Robin does.  As far as furniture configurations, it’s pretty limited by the space, but she welcomes suggestions.  There are some sessions that use lab space in the Business Accounting lab that are not Tutoring Services sessions (like EOP/Accomodative Servces), so that might have an impact on the space.  Johanna may send out some gentle reminders about that space being prioritized for Tutoring Services.  Johanna appreciates the feedback on the hours, etc. 

8.       (Tutoring) Abbey voiced the same concern that Pierre noted about the incorrect labeling of the models.

Update:  Covered in the last session. 

9.       (General) A place for people to put their bags and coats in the winter.  Students often remove outerwear and bags and leave them while they go to another area in the building.  This causes a couple of issues.  First, students do this to “claim space” and then do not always use the space.  Second, in the Tutoring Center it causes congestion for getting around.

Update:  Also covered in the last session. 

10.   (Help Desk) Abbey noted the same concern about the WiFi as Pierre.

11.   (Café) Abbey noted the same request regarding hours as Pierre.

Carlos said that he talked to a number of students and presented the following list:

1.       (Café) He voiced the same request as Abbey and Pierre with regards to hours.

2.       (Library) Carlos said that a number of students he spoke to also requested that there be MacBooks available for circulation as Pierre had mentioned.

Update:  Covered in the last session. 

3.       (Library) Carlos said that it is frustrating for some students to spend the time it takes to log onto a PC only to find out the PC does not have the software that they need.  The group wondered if it was possible for there to be signage regarding what software was available on each PC to avoid this issue.

Update:  Theresa indicated that IS has put labels in some places for specific software availability (ie., Adobe Creative Suities in GMMD Lab and SL122).  Theresa thinks the best education piece could be to chart it and put it on the web.  It would be very difficult to label each machine.  Many times, software is installed in specific labs at faculty request, but not necessarily site-wide.  She could certainly do her best to chart it and post it to the web.  Often, when faculty specify where they want software installed, IS assumes that faculty are letting their students know where it is available.  Sean thinks the matrix would help.  Pierre asks if IS could remember to activate programs, like Maple.  On some computers, Mult-Sim and Maple are not active.  Theresa indicated that those programs were articulated to her as being used in the Engineering Lab, and wondered if it was useful in the library.  Pierre said he uses it in the library.  Theresa said Maple should be everywhere.  Pierre said he has had problems with it here.  Sean indicated that maybe faculty should be responsible for letting students know these things instead of IS running interference.  Theresa explained how the Academic Software survey works and how that applies to IS responsibility and procedures.

4.       (Library) Is it possible to have greater variety in the textbooks and updated editions?  Many of the available editions are old.  Finally he asked about the possibility of having online versions available for the online students who do not have physical access to the library.

Update:  Michelle explained how the library budget dictates what it can purchase for textbooks during each academic year, as well as the priorities the library places on high-cost textbooks and high-enrollment classes, when making purchasing decisions.  The library does make an effort to update new editions as is feasible based on its budget, and it does keep a running list of student requests for textbooks, and a high volume of student demand will inform our decisions as well.  Michelle discussed how publishing models work with relation to ebooks, and that publishers do not make electronic textbooks available to libraries (but confine their sales to individuals), although the library does have access subscriptions to over 140,000 electronic books (though not textbooks).   Abbey made a suggestion for the updated Business Law book.  Michelle encourages folks to make suggestions at the Circ desk for updated texts.  Johanna added that if there are books needed in the labs, please let Tutoring staff know as well.

5.       (Tutoring) Carlos asked if tutors were still needed for the Business/Accounting Lab. Johanna verified that we would like to hire 1-2 more students for this semester.

Update:  Covered in the last session. 

Chris gave the final update as follows:

1.       (General) A few students from the Veterans’ Association voiced that there is a lot of noise in the building.  For some of them who identified as having PTSD the noise makes it very difficult for them to be in the building let alone be productive in the space.

Update:  We just received the updated quote and the go-ahead on our sound panel project.  We’re hoping that install will happen this summer! 

2.       (Cafe)  Many students he spoke to also said that they want to be able to buy coffee and wish the café was open longer hours.  Would it be possible to have a Keurig machine that all students could access?  The students would supply their own drinks but would be able to use the machine when the café is not open.

Update:  Cyber Café will be open until 8 p.m. Monday and Tuesday during finals week as a pilot, so keep your fingers crossed for additional hours in the future. 

3.       (Tutoring) Is it possible to have some CITA tutors who can do some of the higher-level courses? Johanna shared that in general, tutoring of higher-level courses is not supported.  Chris stated that having tutors with a broader knowledge in CITA would be helpful to many students. He said that John (Tyo) is really only able to help with the basics.

Update:  Johanna indicated that when she hires tutors, the broader base the better.  In general, we are focused on, and our funding goes toward, 100- and 200-level tutoring.  Freshmen and sophomores utilize tutoring the most.  Upper-level students do tend to utilize their faculty members more often.  CITA has been an area where she has struggled with hiring tutors.  She doesn’t get lots of feedback from faculty. 

Johanna asked the students to please encourage their peers to take the Tutoring Satisfaction Survey.

Thank you for all of your help this semester!

Meeting adjourned at 2:59 p.m.

Director of Library Services

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