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Library Learning Commons Student Advisory Board

Notes from the 2013-14 Academic Year meetings of the LLC Student Advisory Board.

April 24, 2015

Library Learning Commons Student Advisory Committee Meeting


Present:  Pierre Nzuah, Todd Stone, Rachel Reed, Johanna Lee, Michelle Currier, Theresa Corbine

Absent:  Abby Williams

Michelle opened the meeting at 1:08 p.m.  

Michelle let everyone know that Jody Reece is no longer able to attend our LLC Advisory Meetings, but we are pleased to welcome Rachel Reed to our group.  Michelle asked Rachel to introduce herself.

Rachel is a non-traditional, commuter student.  She is here for a bachelor’s in alternative and renewable energy with a minor in math and a minor in physics.  She started tutoring unofficially after using the tutoring lab(s); she started heading up study groups.  That propelled Johanna to offer her official tutoring employment.  She has also worked in the engineering lab.  She has tutored people from Accommodative Services/Access VR, EOP.  She is in the building all the time.  She is also the mom of a young child!   She would like to contribute a lot because she is open and easily able to talk to people – she has experience in customer service.  She likes being here, and she thinks everyone should feel that way.  So being able to help in that regard, she thinks, is best for everyone.

Michelle spent some time discussing the nature and purpose of the SLLC Advisory.

Johanna also added that it’s important that the students on the board let other students know they are serving on this committee.  The notes of this meeting go to our Dean, who advocates for our services.

Johanna indicated that Melissa has noted that the sound panels have been effective at reducing noise.  Positive feedback from both Robin and Melissa.

Pierre hasn’t heard anything about printing problems.  One thing Pierre thinks is that students really like the evening general tutoring hours.  No feedback on Saturday hours yet. Students like that the evening tutoring provides a longer period of uninterrupted time to do work, with no interruption to head to another class, etc.

Pierre indicated that people would like to see free coffee and food during finals.  Michelle responded by indicating that we’ve done that for many years, and will do so again this year (at least coffee).  Michelle suggested SGA attendance to advocate for these kinds of things, as library budgets have dwindled as we continue to provide these opportunities. Michelle also noted that thanks to student feedback, Cyber will now be open M-Th until 9:00 starting in the fall of 2015.

Pierre had one student who suggested dividers be placed in the lab for private study.  Johanna indicated that small groups may use the movable white boards to section off some impromptu group space; the boards were purchased, in part, for that reason.

We need a bigger library!  Pierre says that everyone says that all the time.  Pierre has asked people to put that on a survey as feedback.

Johanna indicated that it is important to remember that the engineering lab is an extension of this space.

Pierre said some students complain about noise.  Particularly by the door.  Sometimes it gets loud in that area, and at the computers by the café.  Pierre indicated that he sees Library RAs walk around the building taking note of things, but they don’t say anything. Michelle indicated that the lobby especially is a place where it is likely that noise will be greater because of traffic flow; and Library RAs are assigned to the second floor of the building, which is where we focus our attention on maintaining quiet.

The last thing Pierre had to add is that he always hears requests for more tutors. Johanna clarified to see if the subjects were not available, or the tutors were too busy.  Pierre indicated that the tutors are normally too busy.  Concern is for subjects biology and chemistry.  Johanna indicated that a new person will be coordinating evening hours next semester, who is a vet science major and has a chemistry and bio background in addition to math.

Todd Stone entered the meeting.

Rachel believes space is the biggest problem in the building, including that there is only one public restroom facility.  She noticed that many people want to use the whiteboards in the labs, but don’t know to ask for the board or for markers.  There are many things that students don’t know that we have here.  She would like to get more feedback from students, so she will definitely be talking to a lot of people.  She’s interested in taking some demographic data from students she speaks to.  Rachel said she likes healthier food in the café.  It’s refreshing that you don’t have to live on chips and vending machine food.   

Todd remarked about there being no coffee here on weekends.  He also indicated it’s nice on weekends, quiet, with fewer people.  He’s happy about greater accessibility to the labs on Saturdays to utilize A&P models, etc. 

Pierre indicated that during finals week when it’s busy, it would be nice to have food for tutors because they’re unable to leave to get food.  Johanna said maybe pizza?  Evening may be the best time for food. 

Theresa Corbine entered the meeting.

Rachel thought perhaps Cyber could be open on the weekends right before finals.  Michelle indicated that she has heard that there may be a coffee station in the lobby of Chaney in the future.  Rachel said maybe during finals week, Chaney might be able to offer a “brain food” snack box to go as well.

Rachel has had a lot of positive feedback about the stress balls available in the tutoring lab. 

Pierre said that in the time that he has been involved on the SLLC Advisory Board, he has been impressed with the changes that have come from the group.  It has been very worthwhile!

Also – Pierre noted the absence of snacks at this Advisory Board!

Pierre asked Theresa if we have unlimited color printing.  Theresa said we’ve changed to a new print management system this year.  Right now, there is a fictitious dollar amount attached to print jobs.  So, there is no real limit, but very large print jobs for the color printer will not print. 

Pierre also wants to know why he can’t print one-sided.  Theresa indicated that it’s a green initiative to prevent overuse of paper.  Theresa offered the solution to Pierre of printing one page at a time.  Pierre also indicated that he believes he is presently able to print one-sided in the Math Lab.  Update: Theresa checked, and the printer in the Math Lab is, indeed, set to print double-sided.

Thanks to everyone!  We will see you (most of you!) in the fall.  We are very happy to have worked with you.

Meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.