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Library Learning Commons Student Advisory Board

Notes from the 2013-14 Academic Year meetings of the LLC Student Advisory Board.

February 17, 2016

LLC Student Advisory Board Meeting

February 17, 2016

Present – Johanna Lee, Tom Pearson, Nolan Reid, Michelle Currier

Michelle opened the meeting at 9:11 a.m. and welcome Nolan Reid to the committee.  Michelle turned the meeting over to Johanna.

Johanna provided an overview of the LLC Advisory Committee, its purpose, function and the vision for how the LLC staff use the data to inform decision-making and funnel information to campus administration.

This is year three that we have operated the LLC Advisory Committee.

Johanna acknowledged the difficulties with scheduling our students for these meetings.  She wondered if Nolan had thoughts on gathering students to the committee, students’ level of engagement with the group, and how to improve this going forward.

Nolan indicated that it is often tough to get feedback from other students.  He noted that he and his team and faculty have put out the request for information to a broad range of students, with little feedback.

Nolan discussed the signs that identify tutors and their tutoring areas, and that he has gotten positive feedback about those.  Those have helped quite a bit.

Johanna encouraged the LLC Advisory student members to make sure they identify themselves as advisory members so their peers are aware and can access them.

Nolan noted the Doodle poll is a good idea for scheduling.  Tom had a thought about the Tuesdays/Thursdays at noon being class-free.  Michelle and Johanna checked their calendars.  It appears Tuesdays at noon are generally better than Thursdays.

Michelle made the suggestion that we pick a noon on Tuesday and schedule it now.  Johanna suggested we make a regular schedule for future semesters.  Michelle agreed that’s a good idea.

Next meeting date is April 19 at noon.  Michelle will send an email to the student listserv recruiting new members.  Johanna suggested we do some LLC Advisory promotion emails and announcements leading up to the 4/19 meeting.

Michelle asked Nolan if he had any particular thoughts that he’d heard for the beginning of the semester that we should be thinking about.  He mentioned the signs, and also that some of the room upstairs have been noted as having a single individual in it rather than a group.

Maybe a sign on the doors or in other spaces upstairs that say:  Looking for Group Study Space?  See the Building Manager.

Johanna asked for feedback regarding coffee/hours for the café.  There has also been some speculation that the café might close entirely. 

Nolan indicated there’s always a line there in the café whenever he’s in the building.  He also indicated he saw usage of the café in the evenings when he worked.  He thinks having it open later was definitely a good thing.  He doesn’t think they gave it enough time this semester before closing it, particularly since the beginning week of the semester there’s very little traffic in the library building anyway.  He suggested that maybe shorter hours during the first week would have been appropriate, and then expanded hours in future weeks would have been good.  He believes students really appreciated it when it was open in the evenings.  When the café is not available, students do not use Chaney, but leave campus to get Dunkin Donuts or order delivery in to the library.

Tom asked for some feedback on building technology.  Nolan indicated that some people complain about the printers being slow, but that’s about it.

Johanna asked if students like the textbook loan program.  Nolan said he believes it is helpful. He believes plenty of people use it.  Johanna indicated that students should make her aware of any textbook needs, since Tutoring can order textbooks.

We REALLY appreciate Nolan’s participation today, and we look forward to meeting with the rest of the committee at our future meetings!

The meeting adjourned at 9:58 a.m.

Next meeting date:  April 19, 2016 at noon!