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Library Learning Commons Student Advisory Board

Notes from the 2013-14 Academic Year meetings of the LLC Student Advisory Board.

Notes - January 31, 2014

Library Learning Commons Student Advisory Board

January 31, 2014

Present:  Johanna Lee,  Michelle Currier, Christopher Murray, Pierre Nzuah, Abby Williams, Carlos Remigio

Michelle called the meeting to order at 2:07 p.m.  Michelle provided some background on the LLC Advisory Board, and indicated that she would be calling for agenda items from the student members for future meetings.  She then called for introductions. 

Michelle introduced herself and explained her role as the Director of the Library Learning Commons, what she hopes to achieve by convening a student advisory board, and indicated that she looks forward to working with the great students who have accepted a role on the board.  Chris Murray introduced himself as a senior in the IT program, who has been here for 5 years, and looks forward to what everyone can bring to the table.  Pierre Nzuah introduced himself.  He indicated he is studying electrical engineering,  and minoring in math, he’s an RA in Mohawk, and has been tutoring for many semesters.  Abby Williams introduced herself.  She’s from Heuvelton and is a freshman, but labeled a sophomore.  She’s a legal studies major, and plans to stick with that.  She may possibly go to law school.  Carlos Remigio introduced himself.  He’s a senior in the Business Management program and is budget director for SGA.  He is a student ambassador (tour guide) and is also a technician for Student Activities.  Johanna Lee introduced herself as Director of Tutoring Services.  She has been here since 2010.  She is looking for a sense of what we can offer to students in the whole building in general and for tutoring services specifically.   Johanna described many changes in services over the years that were based on student needs. 

Michelle called for any questions.  Abby asked about meeting times.  Michelle indicated we plan for a meeting once monthly during the academic terms.  Everyone discussed their schedules and availability.  Fridays might be best.  After 2:00 seems to be best for everyone. 

Michelle asked each of the students, off the top of their heads, to identify the one thing they would like to see improved:

1)      Pierre indicated he’d like at least two rooms upstairs with white boards upstairs mounted to the walls.  (Michelle indicated that was a great suggestion, and asked Pierre if he knew that there were also numerous rolling whiteboards around the building that he could take anywhere he wanted?  Pierre said he didn’t know that.  Michelle indicated that these kinds of conversations are great because once you indicate certain needs or concerns, it provides us the opportunity to talk about things we already have or already do that you may not yet be aware of.  Johanna indicated that one of the valuable things about the things you learn through the LLC Advisory Board is that you can act as ambassador to other students, to take that information and promote those things to other students.)


2)      Chris indicated he’d like to see the ceilings closed on the two end study rooms upstairs that have walls that do not reach the ceiling for noise-reduction purposes.  (Michelle indicated that we are working on a sound-panel project that may address that.)

3)      Abby indicated she’d like to see two tutors instead of one in the Business/Accounting Lab.

4)      Abby also indicated she’d like another room like the Fishbowl in another area of the building, particularly during Finals Week.  Also, spaces that can be scheduled.  Abby noted issues with the Fishbowl being able to be utilized when it’s not reserved, but then someone coming in who had a reservation displacing students who were using the space.  (Discussion ensued regarding scheduling spaces, prioritizing the Fishbowl for meetings/conferences, posting the Fishbowl schedule in a conspicuous location.  Chris suggested mounting an iPad on a stand in the Fishbowl with the Fishbowl calendar displayed).

5)      Carlos also indicated an additional Accounting Lab tutor would be useful, or another specialized or more experienced tutor in that lab.

Carlos asked this question:  With respect to the Connections Room upstairs, is that considered another regular or group study area in the library?  Michelle indicated that it was intended as a Quiet Study area, rather than a group study space.  Carlos followed that up with a question about the northwest corner of the building?  Michelle affirmed that that is a quiet space.

Some general feedback was given about the services students like: 

·         Students like the high-back chairs/furniture for privacy.

·         Carlos really likes the new open areas created upstairs.

Pierre inquired whether or not we could have the Library RAs walk around and ask folks to be quiet?  Michelle described the role of the Library RA, and that that is indeed part of what their job entails (or at least managing those occurrences in the building), and she additionally described the Building Manager role in terms of how they manage noise in the building.

The next meeting time was scheduled, and everyone added the date to their calendars.  It will be held on Feb. 28th, in the Fishbowl, at 2 p.m.

Michelle assigned homework to everyone:  She asked LLC Advisory Board student members to please gather feedback from their peers concerning any issues, feedback, praise, or problems that can be brought back to us for presentation and discussion at our next meeting.


(Meeting adjourned at 2:42 p.m.)