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This guide will help you as you choose and research a monument.

Consider choosing a monument that speaks to you.  Choosing a monument that memorializes an interesting value (i.e. freedom), movement (i.e. women's suffrage), event (i.e. the Holocaust), or one that you are passionate about (maybe you visited this monument on vacation!), will be far more enjoyable than simply choosing the first one you come across on the Internet.  This is particularly important because you'll be dedicating a significant amount of your time to this project.  Take a few moments, or even a whole day, to contemplate and then finally decide which monument you want to choose.

Resource List for Choosing a Monument

Resource List for Choosing a Monument
Prepared by Rachel Santose, Instruction & Assessment Librarian
Southworth Library Learning Commons, SUNY Canton


NPS Focus Database: is a searchable database of all listings on the National Register of Historic Places.  I recommend choosing a state and then using the search box to search for the word “monument” or “memorial.”  This will provide you with a list of monuments/memorials in that state.
Excludes international monuments and those that are not on the National Register of Historic Places

World Monuments Fund
International focus – can search by country
If you click on the “Dig Deeper” tab at the top of the screen, you can view WMF publications, articles, videos, photos, and slideshows.  There is also a tab for “News.”

Monuments and Memorials in Washington, D.C.
Can browse by neighborhood or subject

American Civil War Monuments
Searchable database from the National Park Service; search by state, park (battlefield), or regiment
Excludes international

Controversial Monuments:

Strange Monuments:

Subject Guide

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Sarah Lane
Southworth Library Learning Commons