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October 2018 Newsletter: Home


National Tutor Appreciation Week is October 1-5!  Take a moment to stop by the Tutoring Center and thank your favorite tutor!
Feel Your Boobies Day is October 17th,  10:00am-2:00pm.  Stop by the library, spend a few minutes with us and you might just save a life. Show us what you know about breast cancer prevention and you’ll get some cool free stuff.
Celebrate Halloween by joining our Instagram costume contest! Use #SLLCHalloween

Autumn Poll

What is your favorite part of fall?
Sweater Weather: 12 votes (48%)
Fall Foliage: 7 votes (28%)
Pumpkin Flavored Drinks: 0 votes (0%)
Apple Cider: 4 votes (16%)
Pumpkin Carving: 0 votes (0%)
Cool, Rainy Days That Are Perfect For Reading: 2 votes (8%)
Total Votes: 25

Feel Your Boobies

Feel Your Boobies Day (FYBD) is October 17th from 10:00am-2:00pm. Stop by the library, spend a few minutes with us and you might just save a life. Show us what you know about breast cancer prevention and you’ll get some cool free stuff.

SUNY Canton was one of two colleges is the US selected to participate in FYBD because we’re committed to health education and breast cancer prevention. FYBD is sponsored by the Feel Your Boobies Foundation and hosted by the Davis Health Center and Southworth Library.

Interlibrary Loan




What is Interlibrary Loan?

How does it help me?

How do I use it?


This October, the Southworth Library Learning Commons wants you to give Interlibrary Loan (ILL) a try!


What is Interlibrary Loan? ILL is a free service available to SUNY Canton students, faculty, and staff. At your request, ILL will borrow books, articles, DVDs and other library materials from other libraries around the country and make them available to you for checkout.


How does it help me? If ANYlibrary ANYwhere has ANYthing you want, it is available to you through ILL. We don’t care if it’s for a class assignment or your own personal enjoyment—we’ll request a copy and get it to you as soon as possible! Use this to your advantage by getting the perfect resources for that research paper, or get that graphic novel you’ve wanted for some weekend reading!


How do I use it? Go here to log in and for more information.


GrammarlyGrammarly is a web-based grammar-checking tool designed to help students develop sentence-level writing skills, prevent plagiarism, and reinforce revision habits. Click the logo above for more info! 

SUNY Canton Green Dot

Green Dot with Roody

Green Dot is a violence prevention strategy that mobilizes students, staff, and faculty to reduce rates of sexual and relationship violence at SUNY Canton. Simply put: a green dot is an individual choice to help make SUNY Canton safer. 

Click the image above to read more!

Book of the Month!

About Tutoring

Image result for tutor badge


Midterm Tutoring: 

The Writing Center at SLLC is excited to help with your important projects during midterms. This can be a busy time of year, so please consider scheduling an appointment in the Writing Center ahead of time. This will allow us to help as many students as possible during October!


Online Tutoring:

Online tutoring is available to all SUNY Canton students. This FREE service is made possible through membership with  STAR-NY. Students can work 1:1 with tutors through White Board Sunday-Thursday from 7 p.m.-midnight. No sign ups or appointments are required. A variety of subjects are available. For a list of available topics and nightly schedule, please visit our website and click on Online Tutoring.

On-Campus Tutoring:

The Tutoring Center is a FREE walk-in service for all SUNY Canton students. No appointments or prior sign-ups are required and we encourage you to drop in whenever you need assistance. Specific tutoring includes:

Math/Science Center

Writing Center

Business/Accounting Lab

Late Night Learning Lab (featuring a variety of course offerings)

Engineering Lab (located in Nevaldine North 127)

Hours are posted in the Center or you can visit our website at: for more information. If you do not find what you are looking for, please ask!

In addition to tutors, we offer all kinds of educational resources including:


Anatomical Models

Graphing Calculators

Building kits

Faculty Reserves

Practice Sheets and Handouts

Microscopes and slides

And much, much more!

Log-in Computer Available on Saturdays

Attention all students looking to log in academic recovery hours. A log-in computer will be available in the library on Saturdays from 8 AM to midnight to allow students to log in study hours. Please note, however, that although the log-in computer will be available, tutoring and tutoring resources will not be accessible on Saturdays. Please refer to the Tutoring Center’s schedule for days and times tutoring is available: