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Legal Studies

General resources and information for researching in legal studies.

Legal Studies Research Resources

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SUNY Canton Legal Studies - B.S.

Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended  for students and researchers studying legal studies at the SUNY Canton, although students and researchers from any field may find it useful,

Use this guide to find out about books and online resources for legal studies, inclusind ebooks, journals, and bibliographic databases.

Primary sources: Cases, Statutes, codes and regulations. They are usually issued by a governmental entity or appointee (court, legislatiure, government agency). They can be binding or persuasive.

Secondary sources: Books and articles that describe and discuss legal issue. They are "things" written about the law by legal experts in a special area(judges, scholars, lawyers). They discuss, explain and analyze the law. They are always only persuasive.

Government by Jurisdiction: List sources from local, state, and federal levels of government.


Public Agenda

Policy Archive - A digital library of public policy research contains over 27,000 documents. Various organizations are represented including the Congressional Research Service.

OpenCRS - Search reports of the Congressional Research Service. Reports are available in full-text.

Westlaw and WestlawNext Campus Research

Ethics and Professional Responsibility Websites

New York State Bar Association: Professinal Standards - The New York Rules of Professional Conduct have been adopted by the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court and are published as Part 1200 of the Joint Rules of the Appellate Division (22 NYCRR Part 1200). - Ethics of technology use by legal professionals

Committee on Professiona Ethics - New York Stae Bar Association

Legal Careers

Career Opportunities in the Legal Field

Department of Justice - Legal Careers

Legal Occupations - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Alternative Legal Careers - American Bar Association

Online Legal Resources

The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) - It is a non-profit consortium of law schools, law librries, and related organizations. Almost every United States law school is a member of CALI.

Law Library - Library of Congress - it was established in 1832. It has a collection of over 2.65 million volumes spanning the ages and covering every jurisdiction in the world.

National Institute of Justice (NIJ) - It is dedicted to improving knowledge and understanding of crime and justice issues through science. 

U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) - The mission of DOJ is to uphold the rule of law, to keep our country safe, and to protect civil rights.

Public and Private Law - GovInfo - Public and private laws are also known as slip laws. A slip law is an official publication of the law and is competent evidence admissible in all state and Federal courts and tribunals of the United States.

FindLaw Professional - It is a part of Thomson Reuters, is a pioneer and innovator in marketing solutions for law firms, omline legal information and services for lawyers, businesses, and individuals.

Laws and Legal Research - Basic explanations and links to state laws for primarily everyday laws, such as property, wages, divorce, etc.