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Library Learning Commons Student Advisory Board

Notes from the 2013-14 Academic Year meetings of the LLC Student Advisory Board.

November 11, 2016

SLLC Student Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes – taken by Illissa Barney

Meeting: 11/11/16 @ 11:30AM

Location: Chaney Dining Hall

Participants: Cori Wilhelm (Library), Melissa Manchester (Tutoring), Tom Pearson (Help Desk), Illissa Barney (Tutoring), Garret (student), Kaz (student), and George (student)

Item 1: Revisit Saturday tutoring hours - Melissa

During the last meeting it was asked if there would ever be tutoring hours on Saturday. There was a woman’s sports team that had been coming and wanting to log in to the computers and were disappointed to hear that there were no tutors on Saturdays. Melissa reported that Johanna reached out to Randy Sieminski to see if Saturday hours could be a benefit to student athletes. Randy responded that Saturdays were generally game days for all teams and therefore it would not be a day that would benefit most student athletes. He felt that current coverage was meeting the needs of student athletes. This combined with the low traffic numbers in the building to not provide us with the justification to add tutoring hours to Saturdays.

Item 2: Library Space - Cori

Cori asked if there was enough room for individual study.

Student feedback was that there is more group space than individual space and that more group space is being used. It was noted that groups are louder at night and that some students don’t like to go at night. People are sometimes too loud at night; some students prefer to use the space downstairs to avoid the noise.

Cori suggested that the Library could put tables instead of furniture in the rooms upstairs to try and reduce the noise. The bigger space above the plaza is currently set up with furniture as a group setting and it could be set up to be more private. There could also be some signage to address noise levels.

There is no issue with the silent corner upstairs.

Item 3: Finals – Cori & Melissa

Cori presented an idea of shifting hours back a day. Instead of staying open 24/7 on Thursday during the week of finals, this 24/7 day would be moved to the Friday before finals week. There are no finals scheduled for Friday and so it does not serve a purpose to be open. However, students may appreciate an extra day of 24/7 the week before.

Cori asked how the students would feel about having coffee and snacks available during the extended hours of the library during finals? Students were on board with having coffee and even wouldn’t mind having fruit bowls on the counters.

Melissa spoke about tutoring during finals week; she mentioned that the tutoring center reviews the finals schedule to note which courses will need more coverage around particular times. By doing this, we try to ensure that there is more coverage around the times when students will be studying for specific finals. An amended final exam schedule will be posted in the Center, on the website, and on Facebook.

Item 4: Feedback on tutoring availability during midterms - Melissa

Melissa asked about tutoring services during midterms; student feedback was good.

Garrett said asked about the availability of tutoring for the automotive program, particularly for the freshmen courses in this area. Melissa said that she would check into this.

Item 5: ISP in dorms - Tom

Apogee; students will have to get in touch with their support to make sure that they are getting what they need, any issues submitted are met on case by case. Brought up the issue with Adobe to gauge how it was affecting the students; students were aware that there was an issue.

Tom asked if the students felt like the help desk was meeting their needs. Feedback was positive.

Item 7: Learning Commons Newsletter - Cori

Cori asked if students actually see it and/or read it and what would be the best way for it to reach students. Tom had mentioned possibly hanging the newsletter in the bathroom.

It was also asked how the students could access the newsletter on the website?

Cori asked how the students know about events taking place on campus. Feedback indicated word of mouth and flyers that they see around campus. One student mentioned that we should put more flyers up in the halls where classes are (Payson, Cook, etc.), because there would be better chance of students noticing them.

Item 8: Thanksgiving Break - Melissa

Melissa noted that the tutoring center will continue with regular hours through the Friday before break (11/18/16) and will re-open Sunday after the break (11/27) at 1PM to midnight.