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Health Science Careers

Articles - what are they?

  • An article is a written piece from a publication such as a journal, magazine or newspaper. 
  • Faculty expect edited pieces from a valid publisher; information on the web from companies or individuals and wikipedia are usually unacceptable
  • Faculty may require articles of a particular type, i.e. newspaper, popular magazine, or scholarly journal.
  • Access to articles is provided through licensed databases on the library website. These databases collect articles from many publications.
  • Some of the most useful of these databases for your discipline are listed to the right.  Others are found in our A-Z database list.

Articles - How to Search for Them

1. Try a title or keyword search on your topic.

2. Look for useful "subject" or "descriptor" words.  These will either be in a list on the results page, or you may need to look at a number of individual records.

3. Go back to the search screen and search BY SUBJECT/DESCRIPTOR (not by title/keyword) using the words you discovered in step 2.

4. Be sure to take advantage of:

    • Boolean connectors (AND, OR, NOT)
    • Truncation/Wildcard (educat*)
    • Phrase searching ("childhood obesity")

    5. When you find an item you want, use ArticleLinker to get it.

    Searching for articles

    Search individual databases. Most relevant for this subject are:


    Over the summer, the library added BoardVitals to our Stat!Ref database.  BoardVitals is an NCLEX prep tool that any SUNY Canton student can register to use.  So when it’s time to prepare for your test, make sure to utilize this awesome resource!

     Instructions for New Users:

    1.     Visit and make sure to use the organization or institution email address for registration. (e.g.
    2.     Click the signup button and the system will send a validation e-mail.
    3.    Check your e-mail and click on the validation link in the e-mail.
    4.     You can login here:

    Other related databases

    Can't find it here?

    Browse for periodicals

    Browse online journals HERE