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Building Construction: Articles

Articles - what are they?

  • An article is a written piece from a publication such as a journal, magazine or newspaper. 
  • Faculty expect edited pieces from a valid publisher; information on the web from companies or individuals and wikipedia are usually unacceptable
  • Faculty may require articles of a particular type, i.e. newspaper, popular magazine, or scholarly journal.
  • Access to articles is provided through licensed databases on the library website. These databases collect articles from many publications.
  • Some of the most useful of these databases for your discipline are listed to the right.  Others are found in our A-Z database list.

Trade Publications

Trade publications are those written for individuals who work in a particular occupation or business. The authors are usually practicing professionals. Technical language is used in the articles. In addition to the articles, each issue will include general information about the occupation or business and the advertising  in it is geared toward people who work in that area.  Sometimes, membership in a professional organization is required in order to view a trade publication. In addition to the trade publications found in some of the library databases, the links below will lead users to lists of trade publications in many fields.



Free Trade Magazine Source

Searching for articles

Articles - How to Search for Them

1. Try a title or keyword search on your topic.

2. Look for useful "subject" or "descriptor" words.  These will either be in a list on the results page, or you may need to look at a number of individual records.

3. Go back to the search screen and search BY SUBJECT/DESCRIPTOR (not by title/keyword) using the words you discovered in step 2.

4. Be sure to take advantage of:

    • Boolean connectors (AND, OR, NOT)
    • Truncation/Wildcard (educat*)
    • Phrase searching ("childhood obesity")

    5. When you find an item you want, use ArticleLinker to get it.

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