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Building Construction: Books, media, etc.

Books, media, etc. - what are they?

These are the items you'll find on the library's shelves.

  • Books on a single topic by one or more authors.
  • Books which are edited volumes where each chapter is written by a different expert.
  • Audio-visual material such as DVDs, videos, CDs, etc. (most media is for in library use only)

Major search tools for books

Books, Media, etc. - how to search for them

1. Try a title or keyword search on your topic.
2. Look at several relevant records and note words and phrases from the "subject" area.
3. Go back to the search screen and search BY SUBJECT using the words you identified in step 2.
4. When you find something useful, copy down the call number and location.
5. Use the "Format" limiter under Advanced Search to limit your search to specific formats like Music, Visual Materials (VHS, DVDs etc.) 

Can't find it here?

Browsing the stacks

TH Building Construction

  • 1 - 9745   Building construction
  • 845 - 895   Architectural engineering. Structural engineering of buildings
  • 1000 - 1727   Systems of building construction. Including fireproofing wood, masonry, concrete and steel construction
  • 2031 - 3000   Details. Including foundations, walls, chimneys, roofs, floors
  • 4021 - 4977   Buildings: Construction with reference to use Including public buildings, factories, dwellings, farm buildings
  • 5011 - 5701   Construction by phase of work (Building trades) Including masonry, carpentry, metalworking
  • 6014 - 7975   Environmental engineering Including plumbing, heating, ventilation, lighting
  • 9025 - 9745   Protection of buildings.