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Southworth Library Learning Commons Users' Guide: Reserves Policy

Southworth Library Learning Commons Reserves Policy

In support of SUNY Canton’s classroom and online instruction, Southworth Library Learning Commons offers Course Reserves: textbooks, articles, models, and equipment available for student use within the building for a specified period of time.

To check out Reserve items:

  • Present your SUNY Canton ID card at the Circulation Desk and ask for the item.  
  • Textbooks are generally listed under Faculty name, but are sometimes listed under department (such as Math, Nursing, and Criminal Justice).
    • It helps to have as much information as possible when requesting Reserve Items - Title, Author, Course Name/Number, and Faculty Name are all helpful information.
  • Look at the label on the front of the item.  This will indicate how long the loan period is.
  • Return the item by the end of the loan period to avoid replacement charges.
  • With a few exceptions, these are the loan periods for Reserve items:
    • Textbooks, models, and other equipment = 2 hours
    • Laptops and iPads = 4 hours
    • SOME videos = 24 or 48 hours (will be indicated on front of video). Some videos can leave the building, some cannot (see front sticker).  

To place an item on Reserve:

  • Fill out the Reserves Form online and print it, or complete one at the Learning Commons.
  • Be sure to indicate whether the item is a permanent donation, a personal copy you would like returned, or a library copy, and how long you would like the item to remain on Reserve (one semester or one academic year).
  • Bring the item into the Learning Commons with the Reserves Form.  Please allow up to 48 hours for the item to be placed on Reserve. Library staff are not responsible for any lost or mis-cataloged items that are not personally delivered by the person requesting the Reserve.


Items that can be placed on Course Reserve include:

  • Any books owned by Southworth Library Learning Commons– While textbooks are not usually purchased by the Learning Commons, we encourage placement of personal copies of textbooks on course reserves.
  • Instructor's Personal Copies – Please understand that the Learning Commons cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of personal copies.
  • Other personal items such as Syllabi, Lecture notes, Exams
  • Videos, DVD or CD-Roms – Many videos are available in online streaming format; we encourage faculty to consider this option.
  • Other physical materials such as Models or Equipment
  • You may not request an item that is already on Reserve for another professor to be moved to your name for Reserves.
  • All materials placed on Reserve will be barcoded, security-stripped, and will have a Reserves sticker attached to the front cover.  By requesting your items be placed on Reserve, you are indicating your acceptance to these conditions.


Review and Removal of Reserve Materials

  • Faculty are strongly encouraged to review the materials they have placed on Reserve at the end of each semester.  
  • You may stop by the buidling, or check your Reserves online through SLEUTH:  Simply click "Change Collection", and select "Canton Reserves" from the drop-down menu.  Then, search by your name, and you will see all Reserve materials listed under your name.
  • Review of Reserves will occur at the end of each Academic semester.  Librarians will compare current Reserves to the current Textbook List, remove any materials that are no longer used, and consult with faculty members regarding those materials. Library copies will be returned to the regular circulating collection.  Personal copies will be returned to the faculty, unless otherwise stated.
  • If faculty members have not responded to the Librarian’s inquirieswithin one semester, the Library Learning Commons will discard former Reserve materials at their discretion.
  • The Library Learning Commons staff has the right to remove any materials that have been permanently donated to the Library, given curricular and collection needs and the procedures specified in our Collection Development Policy.   

 Copyright and Reserves

  • Library reserve is commonly considered as an extension of the classroom.  The guidelines that address single copies for teachers and multiple copies for classroom with prohibitions listed for both apply here as well.  

Reserves: Frequently Asked Questions



Reserves are kept at the Circulation Desk, which is located on the first floor of the Learning Commons. To check if an item is on Reserve, you may search the Library’s catalog (SLEUTH) under “Canton Reserves”.  You can search by professor name, title, or course.

You can also refer to the Reserves LibGuide here:  


A valid SUNY Canton ID card is required to check out Reserve material. Print Reserve material (textbooks, articles, etc.) is organized by instructor name. Students should know this information in order to get the needed Reserve material. 


Generally, Reserve materials can be checked out for two-hour library use. However, occasionally instructors will place items on reserve for two-day or at-home use.  Reserve iPads and laptops can be checked out for four-hour library use.


  • A limit of three Reserve items may be checked out at one time.
  • Reserve materials may not be renewed.
  • Borrowers who do not return Reserve materials by the date and time designated are liable for overdue /replacement fees.
  • Removing Reserve materials from the building or violating the Reserves policy in other ways will result in a patron's account being blocked.  This will prevent the patron from checking out any Reserve materials from SLLC, including laptops, textbooks, and other Reserve items for up to one semester.

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