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SLLC December 2017 Newsletter: Home

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December Poll

What are you looking forward to most about winter break?
Getting to sleep in: 7 votes (13.73%)
Seeing my family: 13 votes (25.49%)
Hanging out with friends from back home: 7 votes (13.73%)
Not having to do homework: 7 votes (13.73%)
Preparing for next semester: 5 votes (9.8%)
Holiday celebrations: 12 votes (23.53%)
Total Votes: 51


Check Diigo for all of your source organizing and annotations. Diigo allows you to save articles, webpages, and more. You can highlight, make notes in the margins, and outline on each saved online resource. Never have cluttered tabs open again, Diigo is free and easy to use! Click on the logo above to access it. 

A Message from the Tutoring Center

The Writing Center & Tutoring Center at SLLC are excited to help with your important projects during finals.  This can be a busy time of year, so please schedule an appointment ahead of time.  This will allow us to help as many students as possible during the holidays and weeks leading up to finals! 

Getting help when it's busy!

Patron of the Month!

Jerome Joseph is our patron of the month for December! 

 Major: Mechanical Engineering


 Hometown: Bronx, NY


What Jerome likes about SLLC: I am in the library everyday to do my work. I have a spot that I always work at, and find the library to be less distracting than at home. I also like the books and resources they have, and I use them a lot.

Tutoring Center Feedback Survey

The Tutoring Center wants to know what you think! Please take a moment to click on the link below and fill out a short survey about your experience at the SLLC Tutoring Center. 

Winter Books

Cold weather making you stay inside all day? Tied of snow and wind and dreaming about the sunshine? Don’t get the winter blues, pick up a good book to cuddle up with! The library has a great selection of books you can check out over winter break. #snowsoutbooksout


Grammarly is a web-based grammar-checking tool designed to help students develop sentence-level writing skills, prevent plagiarism, and reinforce revision habits. Click the logo above for more info! 

Tutoring Center Hours

The Tutoring Center will be open during finals week!

Please check the schedule to view hours.

Over Winter Break:

Distance tutoring will be available online for Business and Accounting students.  All other tutoring services will resume on the first day of classes, January 22nd. You will still be able to reach the Tutoring Center office over break if you have questions via phone.

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