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Veterinary Technology: Books & E-Books

E-Books at SLLC

We strive to provide electronic access to as many full-length texts as possible at SLLC. Below are two lists of e-books available through the library. The list on the left shows some of the E-books available through the library's catalog. A search in Roogle will bring you to these. There are thousands of Vet Tech. e-books available through our catalog, so keep in mind that this is only a few.

The list on the right shows you some of the Print Books (books you must check out from the library's Circulation Desk) that are available to you through Roogle. You may also go up to the library's second floor and browse the book stacks in the SF section. Books in this section will have subjects that discuss various topics relating to animals and veterinary technology.

E-Books via Roogle

Print Books via Roogle

Video Tutorial

Watch the video above for some tips and tricks to search for books and e-books in Roogle.