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SLLC Newsletter August/September 2016: Home


About the Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center is a FREE walk-in service for all SUNY Canton students. No appointments or prior sign-ups are required and we encourage you to drop in whenever you need assistance. Specific tutoring includes:

  • Math/Science Center
  • Writing Center
  • Business/Accounting Lab
  • Late Night Learning Lab (featuring a variety of course offerings)
  • Engineering Lab (located in Nevaldine North 127)

Hours are posted in the Center or you can visit our website at: for more information. If you do not find what you are looking for, please ask!

In addition to tutors, we offer all kinds of educational resources including:

  • Textbooks
  • Anatomical Models
  • Graphing Calculators
  • Building kits
  • Faculty Reserves
  • Practice Sheets and Handouts
  • Microscopes and slides

And much, much more!

Book of the Month!

How to Find a Tutor

Tutoring Center Buttons

Patron of the Month!

Picture of GabbyGabrielle (Gabby) Nichols is our Patron of the Month!

Major: Health Care Management

Hometown: Far Rockaway, NY

What Gabby thinks of SLLC: The Library is not only a place to study, but it is also a place to focus and get great grades. I am in here almost everyday and I never have a problem with that. 

Thanks, Gabby!


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