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SLLC Newsletter August/September 2016: Home


Back to School Poll

What makes you feel most at home on SUNY Canton campus?
My Friends: 10 votes (12.35%)
The Food: 0 votes (0%)
Visiting the Library: 60 votes (74.07%)
My Dorm Room: 4 votes (4.94%)
Being Surrounded by Nature: 7 votes (8.64%)
Total Votes: 81

About the Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center is a FREE walk-in service for all SUNY Canton students. No appointments or prior sign-ups are required and we encourage you to drop in whenever you need assistance. Specific tutoring includes:

  • Math/Science Center
  • Writing Center
  • Business/Accounting Lab
  • Late Night Learning Lab (featuring a variety of course offerings)
  • Engineering Lab (located in Nevaldine North 127)

Hours are posted in the Center or you can visit our website at: for more information. If you do not find what you are looking for, please ask!

In addition to tutors, we offer all kinds of educational resources including:

  • Textbooks
  • Anatomical Models
  • Graphing Calculators
  • Building kits
  • Faculty Reserves
  • Practice Sheets and Handouts
  • Microscopes and slides

And much, much more!

Book of the Month!

New Database!

How to Find a Tutor

Tutoring Center Buttons

You Are the Author of Your Life's Story

Introducing My Story, Reflective Inspiration from SLLC

Each week SLLC will provide a journaling prompt on our digital displays to supply thinking points for students who wish to engage in self-reflective practices through diary writing. Participation is totally voluntary, and journals will not be collected or shared. The goal of the weekly journaling prompt is to encourage students to envision themselves within the campus community, visualize their future goals, and reflect on how they have overcome challenges and how they may react to obstacles in the future.

Writers may share their reflections in the SLLC Newsletter or on digital displays on a voluntary basis if they think that it may somehow benefit the SUNY Canton community.  Starting in October, a writing prompt and sample short reflection will be provided in the monthly newsletter.

Patron of the Month!

Picture of GabbyGabrielle (Gabby) Nichols is our Patron of the Month!

Major: Health Care Management

Hometown: Far Rockaway, NY

What Gabby thinks of SLLC: The Library is not only a place to study, but it is also a place to focus and get great grades. I am in here almost everyday and I never have a problem with that. 

Thanks, Gabby!


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